Overwhelmed? Need to make a change, but don't know where to begin? Let us help you compose the life of your dreams!

Composed Living is an LA-based professional organization company focused on bringing order and beauty into every aspect of our daily lives. We believe that putting organizational systems in place not only saves you times and money, but also allows you the space to focus your energy where it really matters. Elsa Elbert, founder of Composed Living, has over twenty years of experience, along with a Masters degree in Organizational Leadership. She has beautifully transformed many homes, streamlined people's everyday lives, built efficient workflows and spaces, and guided her clients on their path of personal growth. Composed Living works with people and businesses in the greater Los Angeles area and beyond.

Creating order out of chaos brings a sense of peace to one’s life. We all have this incredible power to transform our lives into something beautiful, something composed.
— Elsa, founder