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 Photo: scott clark

Photo: scott clark

All the things I love most...

share a common theme. The montage in a Romantic-Comedy when you see the main character evolve in mere seconds (Pretty Woman! She's All That!). Reading a book that is so moving it forever changes the way you think. Taking everything out of my closet and putting it back together again. Transformation. We have an incredible ability to transform our daily lives! We cannot control all the chaos in the world, nor should we aspire to. But we can find a way to exist beautifully alongside it. We can take a step back, assess the clutter we own in its various forms - physical & emotional - and figure out a way to eliminate it for good. This idea, of transforming our own lives, of emerging from the chaos to live in the beautiful space we have created, is how Composed Living came to be. 

Prior to becoming a Professional Organizer, I worked for twenty years as a Customer Service executive in various industries. With a Masters degree in Organizational Leadership, I successfully led the transformation of dozens of companies and hundreds of employees, streamlining processes, building efficient workflows and spaces, and fostering personal growth and development amongst my colleagues. I currently reside in Los Angeles with my darling husband, and am a proud mom and stepmom to three beautiful boys (and our rescue puppy Barkley!).

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For me, composing a beautiful life is not just about decluttering your home. It’s about bringing together the sights, sounds, smells, textures...all those things that bring you happiness and create lasting memories.

I look forward to helping you compose the happiest version of your life, whether by decluttering, organizing, or beautifying!
— Elsa