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mindbodygreen x Composed Living article


How To Declutter Every Room In Your Home, According To A Professional Organizer

Most of us know the benefits of decluttering—it can make you less stressedhappier, and even emotionally healthier—it’s the “how-tos” that can lead to declutter paralysis. Help! Here’s an action plan for each room so you can declutter your home and stay on task.

Studio McGee x Composed Living article

Studio McGee

The best way to liven up your space is to declutter! Today we’re talking to Elsa of Composed Living, and she’s telling us why she’s so passionate about decluttering, and how small acts make a big difference in your happiness!

The Instructionist x Composed Living article

The Instructionist

Is your closet a reflection of who you are as a person? Is it organized in a way that helps you start each day with a positive mindset? If you are like most people, walking into your closet each morning can feel overwhelming and messy. We have been fortunate to work with Elsa Elbert, the founder of Composed Living, to be educated on four simple steps towards how to declutter your closet.

how you glow article

How You Glow

If you’re like us, having a clean, organized living space makes you feel a million times better. We are so grateful that Elsa Elbert of Composed Living was brought into our lives. Elsa created some MAJOR space for us, in our homes but also in our heads!

Voyage LA


Meet Elsa Elbert, founder of Composed Living

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New year, new you! Organizing tips for the new year

make room for peace

Making Room for Peace

This awesome journal focuses on the belief that through the process of shedding things (physical items, thoughts, and behaviors) that no longer serve us, we are able to make room for peace.

beyond the hutch magazine

Beyond the Hutch

Want to read more of our tips for getting and staying organized? Check out our articles written for Beyond the Hutch magazine...an insanely cool online mag brought to you by the makers of Hutch.

Declutter your Bedroom

The Fill

A cluttered bedroom can add to your stress level and keep you awake at night, making you cranky and tired on a regular basis. Taking the time to clean and thoroughly declutter your bedroom can turn your bedroom from a center of chaos to a calming, relaxing oasis.

For me, composing a beautiful life is not just about decluttering your home. It’s about bringing together the sights, sounds, smells, textures...all those things that bring you happiness and serenity.

I look forward to helping you create the happiest version of your life, whether by decluttering, organizing, or beautifying!
— Elsa