Getting organized doesn't take as much time or money as you might think! Check out these incredible transformations that happened in just a few hours. Do you have a few hours and a desire to start feeling the incredible benefits of living in an organized space?

The Big Move!

We were thrilled to help this family set up their new home. Moving from a 2 bedroom condo in Westwood to a 4 bedroom home in Encino, we were faced with challenges unique to an "upsize." We got creative with how to spread their existing belongings throughout the home, while making sure it never felt sparse or un-styled. With a lot of patience, and a few new pieces, we are so pleased with the results. 

Goals: Hang art, set up kitchen, help unpack and set up rooms

Time: 25 hours

Purchased Materials: $10 white spray paint (photo wall), $50 houseplants, $100 pull out drawers for pantry, $20 velcro photo hangers (genius! your photos never move!)

Additional Resources: Repurposed kitchen rail to hang BBQ tools

Toddler Bedroom Makeover

This family of four moved into their new Ventura home when their second daughter was just a few weeks old. Juggling a three year-old and an infant while setting up a new home is the job of a superhero! After a few months passed (and a few birthday parties and other reasons to collect more belongings!), the toddler's bedroom had become overwhelmed with toys and clothes. Getting dressed in the morning was a special challenge, and the room didn't feel as styled as Mom hoped for. 


Goals: Eliminate clutter, organize clothing, make tidying up easy, create a reading nook

Time: 4 hours

Purchased Materials: $10 mosquito net, $5 white lights

Additional Resources: Objects found in home (3 silver photo frames), online printable images in frames

Big Kid Bedroom Revamp

These 6 & 8 year old brothers love sharing a room. Lucky for us they also share the same love of football and creating art! They needed some help tidying up, a better solution for their art station, and more space to hang their fun creations! 

We used an IKEA kitchen rail to separate art supplies by category, and installed some legal size plastic holders to store their craft paper. Cleaning up after yourself is so much easier when you have the perfect spot to put things away!

Goals: Eliminate clutter, create space to make art, system for displaying art

Time: 1.5 hours

Purchased Materials: None

Additional Resources: Baker's twine, 4 eye hooks, and some clothespins (used to hang art above beds)

Living Room Makeover

This room felt a little too dark to match the French Country fresh vibe of the rest of the home. The deep couch with the chaise was also not ideal for entertaining.

We ordered a HUGE rug (9x14) from Rugs USA, a smaller couch, two side chairs and lighter tables. We then rearranged some of the existing pieces in a way that was more conducive to hosting. 

This room is still a work in progress. Coming soon: artwork, repainting the entertainment unit & buffet, and adding some white curtains! STAY TUNED...

Goals: Lighten up the color palette, increase seating capacity, improve flow.

Time: 4 hours hands on time. 4 hours sourcing furniture and art. 

Purchased Materials: Furniture ($1000), Rug ($550), Art & Custom Framing (not pictured: $900)

Additional Resources: Repurposed old coffee table as ottoman, borrowed plant, basket and throw cushions from other rooms in the home. 

FinTech Office Move

This Marina del Rey-based start up quickly outgrew their office space. Commercial moves can be challenging due to the restrictions placed by building management, strict requirements for vendors and deliveries, and getting 50+ employees to properly pack their belongings. 

We decluttered the original space, eliminating unused or broken equipment. Moving day arrived, and after a few challenges, we successfully moved them into their gorgeous new space. Slowly but surely, this office is beginning to feel like, work!

Goals: Unpack boxes and create functioning work spaces. 

Time: 6 hours

Purchased Materials: Bookcase ($89, Target), Magnetic Knife Rack ($10, Amazon)

Additional Resources: Repurposed an unused desk to create a coffee station