Have a Professional Organize your Los Angeles Home

For a professional organizer, Los Angeles provides unending opportunities to help individuals turn their homes into a space that is functional and easy to maintain. A trained professional organizer can help you transform your chaotic home into something serene, making it easier to locate things, and reduce the guilt and embarrassment often associated with a disorganized space. 

Our homes can become cluttered as we accumulate objects for a variety of reasons: inheritance, well-meaning gifts, impulse buys, ever-changing trends. We struggle to let go of these items because of fear - fear of letting go, of missing the object once it's gone, or that our mother-in-law will notice if that crocheted pillow is not on the couch during her next visit. All this fear of letting things go causes further anxiety when trying to find storage for these items, or when you realize that your home is occupied by objects that create negative feelings instead of filling your home with beauty. Trying to conquer all the physical and emotional clutter can be overwhelming. 

Guess what? It doesn't need to be this way!

Just as you would hire a professional plumber to fix a leaky faucet, you can hire a professional organizer to help you get your home back in order! Let a pro talk you through the difficult decisions, and guide you at your own pace to the finish line. 

Sound better?

So, how does this process work? How does a professional organizer do their job in your home when you have been struggling to work it out?

The answer is easier than you think.

First, your professional organizer will assess the area and get an overall idea of how you plan to use the space. Then, you work together to ascertain what will stay and what needs to go. With the first round of clutter out of the way, it becomes much easier to create storage solutions for the items that remain. Remaining objects will be arranged in the a manner that optimizes space and efficiency. 

At all times, your items and belongings are treated with the utmost care and respect. The attention to your items and organizational needs are always at the heart of the service, allowing you to have the kind of organized home that you have always wanted.

Let us help you compose a beautiful life in Los Angeles. At home, in the office, and on the go...no project is too big or too small!

The list of services we offer is extensive.

1. Assistance with optimizing space.
Feel that your home is too crowded? An organizer will be able to work in tandem with you to get the most out of your space, and still allow you to keep those important items that you hold dear.

2. Optimizing closet space.
Often, our closets are groaning under the weight of our clothes, and we never know how or where to find anything. By the time we're done, you will be able to find whatever you want, whenever you want, and never again mutter "I don't have anything to wear!" (Well, you might still feel that way. But at least you'll be able to see what you own!)

3. Creating order in your child's room.
A child's room is often difficult to contend with thanks to the array of tiny toys and the general "free-spirited" nature of children. Better organization makes it easier for them to pick up after themselves, and teaches them organizational skills from a young age. 

4. Organizing your pantry.
By organizing your pantry, you can easily see the ingredients you have at hand, making the process of cooking more stress-free, and eliminating the risk of buying something you already had!

5. Decorating and styling.
For some individuals, simply rearranging furniture and various items throughout a room will improve not only the space but also the way in which the room can be used. Removing some items, re-purposing them, and generally improving the layout can make a huge difference. Others may want assistance with creating photo walls, adding small elements of style to bring visual interest to a room, or help fine-tuning your personal style. 

6. Photo organization.
Photographs can provide a fun trip down memory lane. However, they often bring more stress than joy when they are improperly stored (ie: tossed into a giant box and shoved into the back of a closet!).  We can help you to organize both your printed and digital photographs, as well as create wall displays & albums. 

7. Assistance with moving.
If you a move coming up, we can help you declutter before you pack, saving you on the cost of unnecessary packing supplies and extra room in the moving truck. Want help unpacking your items? We do that too! We can help you determine the best place to put your things in your new home, optimizing space, creating simple solutions from the very beginning, and making sure those moving boxes get unpacked immediately. 

And More...

Have another project in mind? Just shoot us an email and describe your project. Chances are we'd be delighted to help you!

Home Organization

Our goal is to bring order to your cluttered spaces. We'll help you figure out what to keep, and the best way to organize what you own. 

  • Declutter & organize

  • Kitchen & pantry solutions

  • Kids toy storage

  • Create a nursery

  • Room styling & decor

  • Optimal space utilization

Office Organization

Optimizing workspaces, time management, and process improvements - we are experts in workplace organization.

  • Paper filing systems

  • Time management

  • Workflow enhancements

  • Office decor

  • Supply room organization

  • Break room storage solutions

Moving Organization

Whether you're downsizing your home, need help unpacking, or simply want advice on the best layout for your new space - we've got you covered.

  • Unpack & Organize your new home

  • Garage Sales

  • Eliminating storage units

  • Downsizing your home

  • Move preparation & Packing

  • Home Staging & Sale Preparation

The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Organizer

There are a number of benefits associated with hiring a professional organizer!

First, we are impartial. We've seen it all before, and we don't feel the same attachment to your objects as you do. We know that when you see your clutter it can be overwhelming. The good news is that we WE see your clutter, we just see a project ready to be tackled. 

Second, we are professionals! What you think may take a week to get organized, we can probably do in a fraction of the time and with less stress than if you were attempting it on your own. Often, you will have no idea where to begin, but your professional organizer will know exactly what to do from the moment they walk in.

Other benefits include:

  • A new appreciation of your home.

  • Assistance determining what is clutter and what is worth keeping.

  • A pain-free process!

  • Decreased stress levels when you see your gorgeous new space.

So, if you are tired of your home not being the home of your dreams, or you are discouraged by the clutter and feel overwhelmed, stop right now and ask for help! Hire a professional organizer to transform your Los Angeles home or office. Before you know it, your home will be a stunning reflection of who you are, the clutter will be gone, and everything that remains will have its place.

com·pose (/kəmˈpōz/)
to form (a whole) by ordering or arranging the parts, especially in an artistic way.
— the Dictionary


Full Service Organization

  • The ideal solution for those who simply don’t know where to begin!

  • Includes free consultation

  • $145 per hour, 1 professional organizer

  • $45 per hour, each additional organizer

  • You kick back and relax and we’ll take care of everything else

Online Services

  • Perfect for the client who loves being hands-on, but needs a little guidance and inspiration!

  • $395 flat rate, per room

  • Includes one-hour consultation, vision board, in-depth set of instructions + a detailed shopping list (with links to purchase)

Let’s take a trip!

  • We love to travel, and welcome the opportunity to work with clients globally.

  • $325 per hour, for a team of two

  • $75 per hour, each additional organizer

  • Includes all domestic travel expenses

  • Currently accepting clients in Seattle and NYC at our regular rates - no travel cost!