Bringing Positive Vibes into Your Home

After a long day at work, running errands, or out on a shopping trip, getting home should be your favorite part of the day. Between the inspiring decor, relaxing organization, and even the people you share it with, what makes a house a home is what you create in it. You decide what is most important to you, as our homes are as unique as we are.

If you want to revamp your space, just moved into a home, or aren’t feeling positive about your space, there are some great ways to bring more joy. As one of the places you spend the most time, it’s important to put effort into making it into your dream home. 

Try decorating with organic shapes that are proven to inspire peace and relaxation. Or, hand photos of green space, as the connection to nature has been shown to reduce stress levels. Or if you have a bunch of photos sitting on your phone, have them printed out to remind you of your favorite people and experiences. 

Get rid of clutter, and what you can’t get rid of, find a way to diminish visually. Studies have shown that our cortisol goes up the more information we are subjected to in our visual field. Try storage baskets that tuckm elegantly into shelves and reduce the visual weight of your items. 

For more science-backed tips on how to bring positivity into your home, check out the infographic by our friends at The Zebra.

Positivity Hacks for your home.png