Guide: How to Move Like a Pro

moving like a pro
moving boxes how to move like a pro

Hi friend! 

I know exactly how you’re feeling right now: Your lease has been freshly signed and you have an entire month to move..oops, that was last week. You now have three weeks to move. Ahh! Or maybe you’re dream home is in escrow and you can’t get out of your old house fast enough. Any way you slice it, moving is costly and stressful! 

I have the unique experience of being a moving expert. I have moved 17 times in a 10-year period, so I know a thing or two about making the process a bit more painless. 

I’ve compiled a list of moving tips that I believe will help you feel organized and stress-free for your next move. That way, you’re spending more time day-dreaming about decorating your new space, and less time digging through cardboard boxes for your wedding photos. 

Cheers to your organized moving adventures! I can’t wait to see your amazing packing skills, and all the beautiful living spaces you compose - tag us in your photos on Instagram (@composed_living) and Facebook (@composedliving)! 



Move like a Pro(fessional Organizer)

  • Figure out logistics now: schedule cable, internet, and utilities installation appointments. If you have access to the space early, take care of it now. So worth it.

  • Schedule carpool and childcare for moving week. 

  • Use dish towels and cloth napkins to wrap dishes. They both belong in the same room, it’s better for the environment than packing peanuts and cleaner than newspaper. 

  • Use throw blankets to wrap picture frames and art. 

  • Label Boxes Clearly!  Everyone in the family needs to use the same system so movers know where to place things accurately. For extra credit, try color coding for each room using sticky notes or colored Sharpies. 

  • Have Composed Living help you unpack - put the right systems in place from the beginning so all you have to do is maintain!

  • If you have access to your new place and it is a local move, try unpacking a few boxes each day. That way your job is more manageable. 

  • Plan the layout of your new space. Use a tape measure so you don’t have any surprises and figure out where the big stuff (couch, bed, changing tables) goes. 

  • Don’t buy new storage solutions ahead of time. Moving is pricey enough, use what you have! People are often surprised by the great storage solutions that can be found lying around the house. 

Prep like a Pro(fessional Organizer)

  • Declutter before you pack. This is the most essential advice I can give you. There is no point in spending the money to move clutter you don’t want or need. 

  • Create an "Unpack First" box with things like toilet paper, tampons, scissors, cleaning supplies, etc.

  • Pack yourself a suitcase with your essentials so you know you'll at least have pajamas, toothbrush, outfit for next day, etc. Have everyone in the family do the same! 

  • In a second suitcase, create a survival kit for the first couple days (checklist to follow).  Moving is emotionally and physically exhausting. If you just need some rest, this kit will make sure you aren’t running to Target replacing things on day 1 (and needlessly spending more money) that are boxed up. 

First Days Survival Checklist:

  • Book for your kids, or (let’s be honest) your video game console with a new game. Just something for them to do while you take your time unpacking and organizing. 

  • Recharge Essentials: Phone charger! Power strip! Laptop charger! Coffee pot!

  • Snacks: Instant Oatmeal, Larabars, bagged popcorn, jerky. Fresh pound of coffee. Coffee is moving fuel!

  • A ‘Note’ on your phone with 2 solid delivery or takeout places. This isn’t the time for a home cooked meal! 

  • Prescription/allergy medications 

  • A basic first-aid kit (at the very least, band-aids for the inevitable paper cut, or scrape from unpacking). 

  • A little cash. Tip your movers and delivery people - they deserve it! 

  • Your important documents. Those definitely don’t need to be lost. 

  • A bottle of wine and wine key. Wine improves organizing - It’s a fact.