Geometric Home Decor

Your home is dying for something new now that the fall season has arrived! A season’s change is the perfect time to try incorporating different pillow cases, switching up your rugs and even  elevating your space with art. Why not include some ideas from the recent geometric trend that’s been popping up in lots of living spaces?

Geometric-styled furniture focuses on unconventional shapes and clean lines. The great part about geometric decor is its versatility and variety! You can go with more small and subtle changes by placing a few plants in geometric-patterned wicker baskets or you can make a bold statement by painting a few strong lines on your wall for all of your guests to admire. In addition to patterns, you can also weave in some uniquely-shaped pieces into your home. For example, you can hang up a few triangle shelves to show off some of your trinkets or hold your books. You can also replace your traditionally-shaped coffee table with a diamond shaped top with intricately-wired legs. There are lots of unique pieces out there that you can use to make any room stand out.

Check out this guide ProFlowers put together to help you envision how you can incorporate different geometric designs into your home! They have tips from the walls, to the floor and everything in between. This guide also has tips for different rooms in your home. Take a look at their styling inspiration so you can see how you can uplift your space with this modern trend!

home geometric decor ideas

Photo + article by: ProFlowers