Your Go-To Resource Guide for Decluttering Your Space + Your Life

Very few things in life bring me more pleasure than the pure joy that comes from decluttering a space - seeing the physical change, feeling the emotional shift, and experiencing the (sometimes overwhelming) transformation that happens when we let go of what we’ve been holding onto.

If you’re ready to bring some peace into your space and let go of anything that’s been weighing you down, this resource guide is for you! I’ve curated a list of my favorite places to donate or sell your items, both locally and nationally. While this list is not comprehensive, it should give you plenty of options for both doing good and making a bit of cash.





Artkive — Do you have piles of kids' artwork collecting dust? Send these treasures to Artkive, they'll take professional photos of each item and create a gorgeous coffee-table-worthy book! We love creating a book for each child every year. 
PROMO: Use code ComposedArt to get $15 off your order; or, use code to receive a free USB with a digital version of your items. 

A Sense of Home — Donate gently used household items and furniture to help create first-ever homes for youth who "age out" of foster care. If you have larger items to donate, they'll pick them up for free within a 35 mile radius of Carson, CA.

Baby2Baby — Donate your gently used children's clothing & toys, car seats, cribs, and any new/unused supplies. Check their website for locations.

Chairish — Use this online service to sell vintage furniture, art and home accessories. Best for high end pieces.

Decluttr — Sell your electronics with Decluttr to make a little extra cash. Download their app to easily scan your stuff and ship it for free.

Dress for Success — Donate your gently used business attire and Dress for Success will provide a woman in your area with a network of support, professional attire and the development tools to help her thrive in work and in life.

Facebook Marketplace — Sell virtually anything to people in your community. Available through the Facebook app or their website, you can start connecting immediately with those in your area.

Habitat for Humanity — When remodeling your home, consider donating old appliances or even cabinetry! They will resell your items and the profits will go toward building and repairing homes around the world.

James Storehouse — Donate essential home and personal care items to James Storehouse to support children and youth in foster care.

Letgo — Another app that makes it easy to sell almost anything locally.

Local Libraries - If your book collection has grown too large for you, donate your old (loved!) books to your local library so that others can experience the magic of reading them. 

Nextdoor — Not only can you stay informed about what’s going on in your neighborhood using this app, you can also sell virtually anything to others in your community.

Lion's Club - Donate your old eyeglasses to Lion's Club who will repurpose your frames for someone who is in need! How amazing to give the gift of sight. 

Madewell - Donate old denim in any condition (from any brand) and you'll get a $20 credit toward a new pair of jeans. Bonus: They recycle your jeans into housing insulation through their partnership with Habitat for Humanity-- A total win-win!

OfferUp — Instantly connect with local buyers on OfferUp! Sell everything from cars and trucks, electronics, furniture, and more through their app available on the App Store.

Poshmark — Download the app and start selling new or used clothing, shoes and accessories immediately. Though this app is easy to use, it can be time consuming. 
Pro: buyers pay for shipping; Con: you have to keep the items in your home until they sell.

Operation Blankets of Love - Donate your old towels + blankets (in any condition!) for pets awaiting adoption. Check here for nearest drop-off locations.

The Real Real — If you have high end goods you're ready to part with, consider The Real Real for consignment. Online, in the App Store, or visit their flagship location in West Hollywood. They will send you a free shipping label, and do all the work for you! And the more you sell, the higher your commission!

Sortly — Manage your inventory through this easy software! They make it easy for businesses and people to stay on top of their inventory at all times. Choose between Sortly or Sortly Pro, download their app, and simplify your life.

Thredup — Visit Thredup online, request a cleanout kit, download the shipping label, and send off your used clothes! Pro: they responsibly recycle any clothing that they cannot sell. Con: They pay pennies for most items...but those pennies add up!