How To Declutter Without Compromising On Style

By Cassandra Fallow

On average, there are 300,000 items an American home with 1 out of 10 Americans renting offsite storage just to keep the overflow of possessions that they’ve accumulated. If you’re one of those people who are feeling a little overwhelmed by too much clutter and a concerned about the hazards of hoarding, maybe it’s time to redesign a living space in a more minimalist style. It’s not always necessary to throw every single thing out; rather it’s often it’s a question of re-organizing without having to sacrifice sophistication, and here’s some simple tips how to achieve it.

Go through each room

A common misconception is that decluttering has to happen in one serious culling session. It doesn’t. Instead, tackle each room individually to free up more space for decor. Bedrooms and living rooms are the most used spaces so start with these and think about what ambiance can be created. For example, using scented wood wick candles that mimic the sound of a crackling fire as they burn can add a soothing effect to any room. Bringing nature into a space can also help to reduce stress levels so consider where you can use natural light, earthy tones and greenery in each room. 

Create a balance

Reorganizing home furniture, accessories and furnishing is all about finding the right balance of proportion and harmony. Ensure that throws and cushions compliment each other in terms of colors or styles, and while furniture doesn’t have to match perfectly, it’s important that they don’t stick out as being too different. Similarly, grouping items together as opposed to having them spread out over shelves or counters will create symmetry in a home so having anything from picture frames to sculptures in small collections is a great way to edit items around a space.

Combine storage with style

It’s relatively easy to keep clutter to a minimum by organizing necessities into concealed storage ideas. Think about converting a comfortable bench seat with a lift up lid which can function as a window seat for example, while storing any toys, blankets or other items that don’t need to be seen. Most people have coffee tables in the home but when it has drawers or shelves underneath, they can also double up as storage for magazines or for a collection of remote controls.

Getting rid of the clutter in a home is likely to free up the mind and improve the look of interior design so that a room is transformed into a stylish, functional and comfortable space to enjoy.