How I Prep for a Day of Work


How I Prepare for My Job as a Professional Organizer! 

I often wax poetic about the benefits of leaving my former life in a corporate environment to pursue my desire to own my own company. And I am serious when I say it was the best thing I’ve ever done (other than my <3 and boys).  However, the reality is the shift was not always graceful. Working from home (or a client’s space) full time was a huge transition from the structure of corporate life. Not to mention the struggles of finding my authentic voice after years of perfecting corporate messaging.

I am happiest with a high degree of routine. Unfortunately, that’s not always possible with the ebbs and flows of running a business. The one thing that really keeps me organized is my “go bag.”

  1. Essentials: tampons, band aids, deodorant and hair ties. You never want to see the irritation I experience when I can’t put my hair in a ponytail.

  2. Tools of the trade: 

    • Label maker with loads of spare tape (I like this one, my counterpart, Maddy uses this one)

    • Rubber gloves

    • Multi-Surface spray (we love Mrs. Meyers) in a glass bottle

    • Rags and paper towels (i cut up old towels to use as rags #upcycle)

    • Box with spare odds & ends (Command strips, nails, screws, tape, markers, post its, etc.) 

  3. Hydration 

    • Water! Typically with chlorophyll or lemon cuz you know, health goals.

    • Coffee. By now, you probably get that I’m obsessed with being caffeinated. 

  4. Snacks. I rarely take a full lunch break, so healthy grab-and-go options work best. I love jerky, cut veggies, almonds and fruits. Maddy always packs ½ a turkey sandwich! Sometimes she’s really nice and shares her lunch with me too. Whatever works. 

  5. Phone charger. 

  6. Notebook and pen. Every job I need to jot down some measurement, or a rec for a specific product. This is crucial, or you might end up like us… Once we and forgot the notebook, wrote measurements on a scrap of paper and realized at the Container Store that we forgot it on site. Bring the notebook and pen! Always!

  7. Change of shirt. Sometimes client projects can get really dusty (hello, garage jobs) or I get sweaty from all the excitement of color coding. It’s nice to pop on a clean shirt before heading out to my next meeting, even if I’m just returning unused hangers at The Container Store! 

  8. Toiletry kit. I always have an extra makeup bag on hand stocked with lip balm, black eyeliner, tinted face cream, mascara, and a nail file. When a project lasts all day and someone invites you out for Taco Tuesday and Margaritas, you better believe I’m going to say yes to that and also want to show up looking like a relatively put together human.

  9. Ultimate carry all. I use this for my work bag. It has enough pockets and compartments for all the things, and fits perfectly in the passenger seat of my car.

This list is specific to my personal bag and my line of work, but the formula works for anyone looking for a little work bag tidy-up. Items like essentials, tools of your trade and some refreshments might already be apart of your daily routine. Adding a work bag to the mix and curating a list of the best things to go inside for your work day will likely end up saving you time, and stress!