Tips for Last Minute Entertaining


Tips for Last Minute Entertaining

We’ve all received that innocent text from our partner; “Ran into the neighbors, invited them over for drinks. They’re swinging by in an hour.” 

“Wait, what?! One hour? But the house is a disaster!” You text back and launch into a panic immediately. 

We get it. Life is busy, you’re at work all day or chasing around after little ones, and the last thing on your mind is keeping your home guest-ready at all times. We put together a few of our favorite tips to help you keep your cool while prepping for last minute visitors. Because having friends over should be a good thing. 

So without any further ado…here is our Tips for Last Minute Entertaining to help you go from “Are you kidding me?” to “Move over, Martha - I’ve got this!” 

  1. Set a timer for 45 minutes! You’re goal isn’t to deep clean your whole home, just tidy and freshen it up a bit. Put on your favorite upbeat playlist, and amaze yourself by how much you can do in under an hour!

  2. Declutter! If you’ve used our 30-days-to clutter free guide, you probably don’t have much in the way of clutter. If you haven’t gotten around to that yet, this isn’t the time. Grab a bag or a basket, toss in any surface clutter (piles of mail, kids toys, etc.), and hide it out of sight. If this step seems impossible it might be time to think about hiring a professional-this is our area of expertise! We’d love to help. :)

  3. Give the hotspots a good wipe down.

    • Guest Bathroom Surfaces 

    • Kitchen Counters

    • Coffee Table

    • Dining Table

  4. Shut the bedroom doors. Your guests shouldn’t be snooping in there anyway. 

  5. Sweep or Vacuum, but only the areas where you’ll be hanging. We’re on a time crunch-remember? Better yet, if it’s nice weather outside, usher your guests directly outside.

  6. Light a candle. A candle in the entryway is the fastest way to say “hey, look at me! I have my s#$! together!” While you’re at it, turn on or off lights throughout the house to create a welcoming ambience.

  7. Give your space a spritz. I make my own air freshener by mixing water (or witch hazel) with a few drops of my favorite essential oils. You can also light either sage or palo santo for an earthier vibe.

  8. Play some background music. I always love an italian jazz playlist, or Fleetwood Mac.

  9. Toss a bottle of wine in the fridge, or make a fancy water by adding freshly chopped fruit. Our personal fave is strawberries and lemons.  

  10. Throw together a snack. A nice platter with everyday staples like nuts, a couple handfuls of cherries, olives, and a hunk of cheddar is a simple way to look like you are basically a professional entertainer. I’m not above serving lunchables or literally anything I find in my pantry. Your guests will appreciate the gesture.

  11. Ding! Timer’s up. Remember how we set the timer for 45 minutes? You now have 15 minutes leftover to get yourself together. Pop on a clean shirt, brush your teeth, swipe on some mascara-whatever you need to feel like the gorgeous, incredible host(ess) that you are.

  12. Pour yourself a glass of wine. Sit down on the couch. You just crushed it. You are a superhero.