Six Tips for Easy Entertaining

With a little bit of organization, entertaining at home this summer will be a breeze!  Check out our Six Tips for Easy Entertaining, Composed Living-style.


1. Set your intention

Focus on the big picture and adopt a chilled-out mindset as you prep for your gathering. Imagine the vibe of the party, how you want to feel, and how you want your guests to feel. Keep this feeling in mind as you go about your day – the energy you put into something is what people will feel, so put some loving, relaxed vibes into your planning!

party prep

2. Think like a guest

Do you remember the waxed floors at your friend's home? Did you look inside their closet to make sure it was properly organized? (Well, maybe you did, but don’t tell anyone.) Don’t exhaust yourself with unnecessary pre-party chores. Do a 15-minute tidy up, stash any clutter in a bin out of sight, put out some flowers, and voila! Great conversation & good peeps are all your guests will remember. And the cocktails.

party preparations

3. Keep it simple

If possible, prepare food ahead of time. Consider serving only finger foods, or arrange a self-serving station around the grill. The night before, lay out all the platters, plates, utensils, napkins, and serving utensils you will need. You can find loads of great recipes from our friends at the Village Bakery!

signature cocktail

4. Serve a signature drink

Creating one cocktail for the occasion limits the need to supply multiple choices of alcoholic beverages, as well as all the mixers required for a full bar. Make your signature cocktail in advance & serve in pitchers (or a punch bowl) so you don't have to play bartender all night. I love making sangria!

party playlist

5. Good music for good vibes

Create a fun and festive playlist of your favorite tunes, or let Spotify do the work for you – they have loads of amazing playlists ready to go! Volume is key – you want it loud enough to feel like a party, but not so loud your guests can’t comfortably chat.

mood lighting

6. Set the mood

For evening gatherings, use lanterns, string lights & candles to set the tone. Place a throw blanket on the back of every chair for an alfresco dinner that invites guests to stay well into the evening. For a more festive party mood, a photo booth backdrop for silly selfies will give guests something to do, and tikki torches will add great ambiance!

Most importantly, enjoy yourself! Set a hard stop time at least one hour before your guests arrive so that you can finish getting ready, pour yourself a cocktail, and relax. Your guests will appreciate being greeted by a relaxed host(ess), and not having to awkwardly watch you finish cooking. Organization really is the key to easy entertaining!