Elsa Elbert, Owner

Photo: scott clark

I believe in the connection between our physical space and our emotional well-being. Where there is emotional turmoil there is also physical clutter, and vice versa.

Living in an organized space fosters a sense of calm. When our homes are overrun with clutter, it creates stress whether we are conscious of it or not. The visual distractions pull our attention away from the things we want to focus on - like quality time with your significant other, or being a really present mom for your little ones. I know from experience that if my kids are trying to tell me a story, but their belongings are strewn all around the room, my attention is split between the visual distraction and wanting to really connect with them. By creating systems in our home that are easy for them to use, they are able to stay (relatively) organized, our house stays clutter free, and we get to spend so much more of our time just being together as a family. 

The idea of providing this change, inspiring clarity of mind and creating peace for people in their surroundings is how Composed Living came to be. Order emerging from chaos is an exceptional gift, and one that doesn't have to be overly costly, or environmentally harmful. I love finding ways to repurpose or reimagine an existing belonging, or discover an unusual and beautiful use for an everyday item. I truly look forward to helping each client, and watching them find the same joy I do, once their space - and sometimes their sanity - is refreshed and renewed! 


Get to know Elsa even better...

  • Mom to 3 boys: Lukas (18), Lincoln (10), & Hayes (8)

  • Hometown: Redlands, CA

  • Moved: 17 times in 10 years (this qualifies me as a moving expert, right?!)

  • Alma Mater: UW Seattle (BA-Philosophy) and Gonzaga (MA-Organizational Leadership)

  • Current reads: The Untethered Soul; Whiskey in a Teacup

  • Fave movies: When Harry Met Sally; Sleepless in Seattle; You've Got Mail (any 90s romance with Meg Ryan or Tom Hanks! Or both!)

  • Fave TV Show: Beverly Hills, 90210. (Obsessed!)

  • Passion: Helping kids in foster care. To learn more about the organizations I love, click here!

For me, composing a beautiful life is not just about decluttering your home. It’s about bringing together the sights, sounds, smells, textures...all those things that bring you happiness and serenity.

I look forward to helping you create the happiest version of your life, whether by decluttering, organizing, or beautifying!
— Elsa